10 Quick Google+ Tips

Google+ is still the new guy in Social Media but it’s gaining momentum. More and more people have heard about it and I’m hearing more businesses ask about Google+ and how it might be able to help them.

One of the big pluses of Google+ (pun intended) is that it’s a Google product. Facebook and Twitter although two of the top runners in Social Media Marketing-restrict Google from accessing a lot of their data. This means from an SEO perspective they are not as effective. Now Google+ on the other hand is of course not restricted and being a Google product means there is some serious Google juice to be had. So if you haven’t yet jumped on the G+ wagon then climb aboard!

In this post I have put a few quick tips that can help with Google+. There are so many I could mention but these ones are a good starting point for those getting started with G+.

1. Embed Links– Simply putting a link into your posts can really help increase the value of those links. Put the full URL and Google will auto format it into a link. So links to your website, blog post, Twitter profile etc

2. Title Tags– The first part of your post is your title tag. Make sure when writing your post you include some juicy keywords. It will also more than likely be the first thing people see so it’s worth taking a minute to mull over it

3.  Making use of Google Authorship– You’ll need to ensure you have a good head shot as your G+ profile picture. This means you can link content that you publish on a specific domain- your blog for example. For details of how to set it up click here

4. Use it!– G+ is still an early tool which means not everyone is using it yet. So get in there early. All these tips fall on deaf ears is you don’t actually use it. It only need to take a couple of minutes a day. +1 a couple of great posts, share a few and write a couple of your own.

5. Add +1 buttons to your content- This will make your content easily sharable on G+. For info on how to do this click here .

6. Optimise your G+ profile– Make sure your profile is well written and has links to your website, blog, Facebook etc. Make use of keywords in your profile too! Explain how people can do business with you (so many people miss this out!).

7. Set up a vanity URL- Visit gplus.to to set up a vanity URL for your profile. You’ll have a much shorter URL to share on business cards and you can try and match it to your current branding that you might have on other Social Media platforms.

8. Make use of Circles– Circles allow you to separate the people you follow into groups. You might have circles such as: Influencers, suppliers, customers, leads, friends etc. You can then target different posts to different audiences instead of just blanket posting.

9. Set up a Business profile– Super easy to do. Brand it and make sure you share regularly from it. Make use of the other tips I’ve mentioned for your business page too.

10. Connect with people- This is what it’s all about. If your not connecting with people then they is no real point to being on G+. You can of course search within Google+ but a few other helpful tools can help you narrow down your search. Tools like findpeopleonplus and CircleCount can help you search via location, gender, employer, occupation and lots more. It’s worth checking out.

If you found this post useful then give it a share! Watch out for more posts and also my upcoming Social Media Tips on my new Youtube channel. If you want more tips in your inbox then be sure to sign up here 




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